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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A science teacher at a middle school in Boston wants to take his students on a field trip to the New England Aquarium. He plans to take three classes of 30 students each, for a total of 90 students needing transportation. The aquarium is only 15 minutes away, but the school buses don’t have air conditioning and it’s a hot August day. He decides to get a quote from a Boston charter bus company. For a 56 passenger bus with A/C, TVs, and WiFi, the 4 hour rental from 9am-1pm is quoted at $650. To accommodate all 90 students, he rents two buses at that rate. The total for the Boston charter bus rentals comes to $1,300. With 90 students divided over the two buses, it comes out to around $14 per student. The teacher tips each driver 10% for a job well done, adding $130 to the total cost. Getting a custom bus with A/C and amenities ensures his students stay comfortable and entertained on their short field trip.

Example #2:

A sales director at a software company in Boston plans a team outing for her top 25 sales reps to Fenway Park. She arranges for the group to take a tour of the historic ballpark, have lunch at a restaurant overlooking the field, and attend a Red Sox game in the evening. To provide easy transportation for the large group, she books a 28-passenger charter bus in Boston for a full day rental from 9am-9pm. The charter bus picks the group up from their office downtown, brings them on the Fenway tour and to lunch, and then to the evening baseball game. The total cost for the Boston charter bus rental is $1,400. With 25 passengers, this comes out to only $56 per person for a full day of transportation to the outing. The sales director tips the professional charter bus driver 10% at the end of the day for providing excellent service, bringing the total cost to $1,540.

Example #3:

A high school football team in Boston is headed to the state championship game. The game is being held 3 hours away, so the coaches decide to book a charter bus to safely transport the team. They book a 56 passenger charter bus for the day to accommodate the 45 players, 10 coaches and staff, and their equipment. The total cost for the Boston charter bus rental is $950. This covers pickup at the school at 6am, roundtrip travel to the stadium, and return late that evening. The base rate is $125/hour, but they receive a 20% discount for booking more than 8 hours. This brings the rate down to $100/hour. With taxes, fees, and driver tip, their total charter bus cost comes out to $950. The school covers the cost as it’s much more affordable than having the team carpool. The coaches are glad they booked the charter bus so the team can focus on the big game and not have to worry about driving or parking.

Example #4:

A professor at Boston University is taking 30 students on a day trip to visit historical sites related to the American Revolution. She rents a 56 passenger charter bus to transport the group from campus to Lexington, Concord, and back in a single day. The charter bus company quotes her $150 per hour for the rental. She needs the bus from 8am to 6pm, so 10 hours total. This brings her total to $1,500 for the day. Because the trip is educational in nature, she is able to use university funding to cover the cost. With 30 students, this works out to just $50 per student for comfortable, convenient transportation to see all the sites. She tips the professional charter bus driver 10% at the end of the day, bringing her total trip cost to $1,650. The charter bus makes it possible for the entire class to experience an immersive historical tour they won’t soon forget.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Boston and having their wedding reception at a historic venue in the city. Their guest list totals 150 people, and the venue has very limited parking. To make transportation easy for their guests, they decide to rent a charter bus in Boston for the day. They choose a 56-passenger charter bus so everyone can ride together. The bus picks up guests from their downtown hotel starting at 2pm and makes continuous loops to the ceremony at 3pm and then the reception until 11pm. The 9 hours of charter bus rental in Boston costs them $1,260. They also tip their driver 10% at the end of the night, bringing their total to $1,386. With 150 guests, renting the charter bus for the wedding costs around $9 per person – an affordable transportation solution.

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